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No LOST Auction Love for you?? – IslandCon
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No LOST Auction Love for you??

I started my Friday night with a drive home, my first Skype call to Andrew from the AfterLost Podcast http://after-lost.com/ (@afterlost) and a last minute plan to fly to LA for the LOST Auction. Life being what it is, woke me up early Saturday with a family medical emergency back home. (All is well now). This meant that I was mere miles from LOST ‘mecca’ but had to get onto another plane and get home ASAP. ๐Ÿ™

I didn’t get to partake in much of the LOST Auction. This got me thinking about others out there.

So what are the options now? It looks like you’re stuck with re-sellers.

A quick check on eBay shows that at least 1 official prop from this weekend’s auction is already being sold.

Lot 497 “Aaron’s crib after attacked by the Others”

It closed for $1,200. Then the buyer had to pay 9.75% sales tax [$117] (http://www.boe.ca.gov/cgi-bin/rates.cgi?LETTER=S&LIST=CITY) and 20% buyers premium [$240] : $1,557 out-the-door (assuming buyer did cash and carry)

It’s now on eBay starting @ $1,500 with a Buy It Now of $2,999.00


That’s basically their cost of the item. Makes you wonder why. Buyers remorse? Simple profiteering?

Some other ingenious folks are selling the Dharma and Oceanic branded water bottles sold to auction attendees to consume, you know, as water.



There are also of course are replicas of many popular items from the show. The replicas might be your best bet since they will be MANY times cheaper then the real items, while likely having similar build quality.

So, head over to eBay and spend some money to help the US Economy!


Now, if only I got a cut of all the sales I just referred ๐Ÿ˜‰

Stay LOST!

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  1. I’m trying to sell items from the “Lost” auction. If anyone is interested in the items found at http://thedharmalot.tumblr.com/ they can e-mail thedharmalot@gmail.com.

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